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When to Replace Your Roof

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Signs That Your Richmond Home Needs a Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Richmond

Even the best-maintained roof is going to have to go at some point down the line. And when that time comes, you’ll have no choice but to get it replaced to maintain the health and safety of your Richmond home.

Of course, the longer you wait to get your roof replaced, the more dangerous a living situation you could find yourself in. So, you’ll want to get a jump on your roof repair as early as you are able to, and you can do that by simply knowing what signs of a worn-out roof to look out for.

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t know what those signs are. Instead, just read on, and our quick guide will tell you some of the most common and most obvious signs to look out for when your roof is ready to go. And should you detect these signs, don’t hesitate to call your Richmond roofers at No More Dirty Roofs for a roof replacement!

You Need Repairs More and More Frequently

Through the years, roof repairs will be inevitable. Maybe a part of your roof wore down a little. Maybe a critter chewed through some part of it. Maybe a storm passed through and busted a hole, big or small, somewhere in it. Whatever the cause, you can expect to shell out for some roofing repairs through the years, and that’s no problem.

But a lot of roofing repairs? A lot very close together? That is something to fret over. If your roof needs bigger and bigger repairs more and more these days, then it’s likely on its last leg. So, if you find yourself needing to get more roofing repairs than you should reasonably expect to, you need to stop throwing your money away on repairs and shell out for a replacement.

Many of Your Roof’s Shingles Are Damaged or Missing

If your roof contains shingles, then you have the extra (but slight) headache of maintaining them as time and tear render them broken and missing. Of course, that extra upkeep is to be expected with shingles. However, if you find yourself burdened with EXTRA extra upkeep where your shingles are concerned, then you may need a roof repair.

As you begin to notice a significant number of shingles missing, buckling, curling, or just becoming saturated with water, you need to consider that your roof may need to be repaired. After all, significant shingle issues are a clear sign that your roof is suffering, and this sign should rile you into calling your Richmond roofer ASAP.

Your Roof Is Reaching Its Expected Age Limit

All installations in your home have an expected age limit — even one as large, costly, and necessary as your roof. The expected age range differs depending on the kind of roof you have. Some roofs may last only about a decade while others can last upwards of a century, with a general medium being around 25 years.

Whatever your roof’s expected age limit is, as it approaches that limit, you’re going to want to get ready for a replacement. After all, those limits are not arbitrary: They are a generally accurate reflection of the time when your roof will begin to fail completely. So, when your roof gets within a few years of its age limit, you need to start preparing for a roof replacement.

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