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Why Roof Cleaning Is Important In Richmond

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Sometimes our Richmond customers ask us if roof cleaning is really important. After all, they say, the roof gets cleaned off whenever it rains and the wind blows. There’s really nothing up there to clean off.

Let us ask you to take a good look at your roof. There may be no leaves, twigs, or other debris, but do you have any idea what color your roof shingles should be? Black, green or other stains are obvious, but a general darkening of the shingle color is not. You would be amazed at what your roof should really look like.

While general weather and environmental grime make your roof dark all over, algae is the reason most roofs have stains. Most commonly, you’ll find green stains, black stains, and streaks. However, the stains can be yellow, orange, or even reddish color. Streaks can sometimes be caused by the breakdown of the material underneath the roof, but most of the time they are due to algae growth.

While many of us enjoy our seasonal changes in Richmond, roof cleaning is one chore that shouldn’t be put off. Our rooftops go through a lot during the year and can wind up with problems due to algae and moss growth. You may ask yourself if roof cleaning really is important, but you should know why removing these stains matter.

Algae & Moss Eat Your Roof Shingles

Shingles are rated and warranted to last a certain amount of time, but early breakdown can occur due to algae and moss growth. You may not have heard, but in many cases today, insurance companies are denying roof repair claims because the roof cleaning wasn’t kept up. This is because the companies know how destructive algae and moss can be to roof shingles and other building materials.

Algae and moss feed on the limestone that is part of the composite material in asphalt shingles. The black or colored stains on the roof are left by algae as a byproduct after feeding. It appears to be a stain.

Any type of shingle with limestone will be affected. When the right conditions are present, the organisms thrive. If left alone, they will destroy your roof years sooner than if you kept the problem controlled with regular roof cleaning.

Power Washing Removes Algae

At No More Dirty Roofs, we like to educate homeowners about roof cleaning and why it’s important. We want you to know what’s causing your roof problems.

When we clean your roof, we use eco-friendly power washing solutions that will safely and effectively remove your algae or moss problems.

Since the shingles protect everything underneath, it’s important to keep them clean. Once damaged, everything under the shingles gets exposed to environmental conditions. Make sure your roof lasts as long as possible with a regular roof cleaning service. When you’re ready, call No More Dirty Roofs for expert Richmond roof cleaning.

If you have questions or need Roof Cleaning service in Richmond, please call No More Dirty Roofs at 804-247-4556 or complete our online request estimate form.

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