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Three Things To Know About Roof Cleaning

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Roof cleaning is a very important part of maintaining your home, and it’s an even more important part of roof maintenance. Keeping your roof clean will help to prevent decay, which might lead to expensive repairs, and will eventually lead to needing a roof replacement. Roof cleaning will extend your roofing’s lifespan and help your roof remain more functional for a longer period of time.

Many homeowners are either uninformed or misinformed about roof cleaning services, and that can make it difficult to know when you should have these services performed on your Richmond home, how to find a professional, or how important roof cleaning is. The professionals at No More Dirty Roofs have put together a few of the most important facts that all homeowners should know about roof cleaning:

Roof Cleaning


Roof Algae is Much More Than An Aesthetic Concern

While it’s true that having algae on your roof is unattractive, that’s only the beginning of the problems it can cause for your Richmond home.

What’s important to remember is that algae is a living thing, and it’s feeding off of your shingles (actually, it’s feeding off of a limestone filler that’s commonly used in shingle production). If you don’t care of algae growth, it can easily take years off of the life of your roofing.

If your roof isn’t regularly cleaned, especially when algae is visibly apparent, it can lead to the the rapid deterioration of your shingles. This can have a huge effect on your home’s energy efficiency, and the repairs or a roofing replacement will not be inexpensive.

Even if You Can’t See the Algae, You May Still Need to Clean your Roof

When algae is first growing on your roof, you won’t be able to see it at all. So it’s important to remember that even if your roof appears to be okay, there’s a chance that now is the best time to have it cleaned. This is one of the reasons that our roof cleaning professionals recommend you have your Richmond home’s roofing inspected at least once every three years: the earlier you can catch the problem, the better off your roofing will be.

Sometimes you may only need to spot-clean your roof, but it’s important to remember that if you can see algae on one part of the roof, it’s likely growing elsewhere.

There Are Two Main Ways to Clean a Roof, Both of Which Are Viable for Different Reasons

The two main methods for roof cleaning are:

  • Pressure Washing, in which highly pressurized water is sprayed on the roof to remove mold, algae, dirt and grime; and,
  • Soft Washing, in which chemicals are substituted for pressure to remove harmful elements.

Pressure washing is very effective, but may be best for metal or concrete roofs. There is a chance that the pressurized water could damage your shingles.

Of course, some chemicals can harm your roof as well, and the runoff could cause problems with your landscape or parts of your Richmond home. But if the contractor knows what they’re working with, they should be able to find the right balance of effectiveness without harming any parts of your property.

If you’re looking for roof cleaning services in Richmond, call No More Dirty Roofs at 804-247-4556, or fill out our online request form.

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